My journey through infertility, bereavement and my dream of having another child.

A frank and honest blog about the challenges of accessing fertility treatment, the confusing and heartbreaking journey when your child dies and the rollercoaster of emotions when you decide to try for another baby.
Hi, my name is Sarah and I am many things to many people. Although infertility and bereavement doesn’t define me, it is a big part of my life and will be the main topics of my blog.
There is a danger that these things can define all parts of your life and although I make a conscious effort to ensure this isn’t the case, it is hard some days to not let these things take over.
I hope that I can offer you an insight into my world. I hope to be able to balance the light and shade, the good and bad, the joys and the sorrows as I find my path through the world of infertility and child bereavement. 
I’d like to welcome you all, you are very welcome. I will however never make apologies for my opinions, nor will I apologies if any of my thoughts and feelings offend. I say things how I see them. I aim to lay things bare and this can be uncomfortable. This is my life and my experiences. I hope that you can’t relate to be honest but I know that in reality many of you can. Sadly too many of you out there suffer in the same way I do. The constant struggle to fight nature and achieve something that so many take for granted.
If you are one of those people, I’m with you. I walk alongside you. You are not alone in your struggle.

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