Happy 1st birthday in heaven baby girl…

I remember that 1st birthday so well xxx

A Drug Named Hope

Yesterday marked the 12 month anniversary of the day my baby Jiya simultaneously entered and left this world. It would have been her 1st birthday, and boy what a magnificent 1st birthday it would have been had she survived.

I woke up thinking I’d get through the day in the same way I did when it was Jiya’s due date – eating the food I craved when I was pregnant, baking her a cake, reflecting on the fun she’d be having in her new home. And while I did all of those things, I couldn’t help but shed tears of pain, tears of longing, tears of what could have been, tears of pleading with the universe for her to be having a brilliant day wherever she may be and I hadn’t expected to shed tears of love for all the people who remembered her birthday and sent me messages, cards and…

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