What is a rainbow baby?

For many of you in the “baby loss community” the term “rainbow baby” is common place.

For those of you who are not familiar with this term I realised I should explain this term and what it means to me.

A rainbow baby is a baby that is born after the loss of a child.

A rainbow comes as the result of a storm. The beauty of a rainbow does not negate the storm. It doesn’t erase the devastation of the storm.

When the rainbow appears it doesn’t mean that the storm never happened, nor does it seek to replace the storm.

A rainbow is a beautiful thing, full of hope, light and promise that appears from the storm. It’s part of that storms journey, a legacy that the storm leaves behind.

My journey to find my rainbow has been long, heartbreaking and is by no means over. For mums like me who suffers with fertility issues as well as being bereaved, a rainbow is by no means a certainty. Sadly I’ve met many families who don’t get their rainbow and sadly many who have lost their rainbow along the way.

I continue to chase my rainbow.

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